LimaTours Foundation

Committed to the community, promoting sustainable and innovative initiatives focusing on education, health and community development

LimaTours Foundation is an expression of the institutional commitment of LimaTours to Peru. It was created to play an active part in the development of a society in Peru in which culture, education and equality of opportunity for development are available to everybody. LimaTours Foundation is committed to the community, promoting sustainable and innovative initiatives focusing on education, community development and health that are implemented by people united in their desire to strengthen the social commitment of LimaTours.


Convinced that tourism can and must be a road towards development for Peru, we will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially for its neediest citizens. We renew our commitment to Peru and its future through LimaTours Foundation.


  • To promote access to culture, education and equal opportunity for all Peruvians
  • To foster inclusive and self-sustainable development projects in the neediest local communities where tourism-related opportunities exist
  • To encourage the responsible participation of our local, national and global stakeholders, in the activities of the foundation
  • To create enriching and engaging encounters between Peruvians and international visitors, for the benefit of both parties 

How to Help?

We encourage you to join the caring people who have chosen to help our projects. Together we can make a real difference!

  • There are many ways you can help improve the lives of Peruvians:
  • By donating directly to the foundation, for one or all of our projects described previously
  • By purchasing the "Machu Picchu, of gods and men" or the "Caral, adventures in the Sacred City" storybooks, edited by the Foundation - 100% of the proceeds go toward funding our projects
  • By helping us spread the word! If you have a personal website, are registered in Facebook or any other social network, simply set up a link back to this LimaTours Foundation website.